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Welcome to our world - a world where we all share the same enthusiasm. You can expect a pure driving experience - regardless of whether you are on the racetrack or the road with us.

Racetrack Evens
Drift Auto Winter Sporting Cover



Freezing cold and hot engines. This unique combination can only be experienced in the fascinating ice landscapes of Lapland. Surrounded by snow-covered forests, from which a reindeer occasionally ventures out, is our ice driving course, which leaves nothing to be desired.


Fast curves, exciting drift areas and - most importantly - highly motorized vehicles that guarantee maximum driving pleasure! Look forward to a breathtaking experience at the highest level.



We concentrate on the essentials so that you can get the maximum result.


Depending on your individual previous knowledge, you have the opportunity to drive in a small group at the level that suits you. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or already a professional - we will pick you up in your comfort zone and introduce you to your personal limits in a safe environment.


Our top coaches are professionals on the racetrack and are very familiar with international GT and rally sport. You will benefit from their experience and in this way find your ideal line quickly and safely.




We know our way around the streets of Europe.


You drive - alone or in a double occupancy - in high-quality sports cars to selected locations and stay overnight in first-class hotels. You have the opportunity to get to know a wide variety of extraordinary vehicles and experience them in their natural habitat - the road.


All vehicles within the small groups are equipped with tablets, an electronic logbook as well as radio communication with each other. Nobody is left behind and everyone finds their way to their destination.

Touring Events



Do you think only professionals can drift? We show you how it works.


There are many ways to learn to drift - on the ice, irrigated dynamic surfaces or, for the more advanced, on the racetrack. With the support of our top coaches, you will learn how to put your vehicle into an unstable dynamic driving state and practice controlled drifting.


In small groups, you will learn how to master vehicles at the very highest level. And if you would like to try out a completely new environment, we invite you to our ice routes. It couldn't be more fun to drive.

Drift Events


Do you have special requests and do not want an “off-the-peg” event?


Regardless of whether you want to send your employees safely out onto the racetrack or offer your top customers an emotional touring experience. According to your special requirements, the previous knowledge of your participants and the available financial framework, we create an exclusive and highly individual training concept that promises a pure driving experience.


If required, we can also create a holistic event package with a supporting program, suitable booking locations and handling or travel planning for your participants.

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