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Go one step further and intensify your training with a personal coach. Whatever your personal goal - whether you want to perfect your vehicle control or would like to officially start yourself soon; the most efficient way to do this is with your own coach.

Motorsport Coaching


Would you like to get a taste of racing? Measure yourself against others? Or maybe you have a very clear goal in mind and would like to start the 24h race at the Nürburgring?


It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or have already gained experience on the racetrack. Together with you, we develop an individual training concept, which you can steer towards your goal efficiently and without detours. We have all the essentials in view - the vehicle, your individual training, the required licenses and not to forget - the kick of your life!


Trackdays are ideal platforms to work on your performance together with a personal coach. In a limited starter field, you have the opportunity to perfect your training in a targeted manner and with direct feedback.


We not only offer you the opportunity to work with a personal coach on our own track days. We also accompany you on the way to your very personal goal as part of other established track day events from reliable partners on well-known racetracks.

Trackday Coaching
Unsere Coaches


Our instructors are all professionals in their field and have a wealth of experience from which you will benefit in every situation.


Our top coaches have extensive experience in active motorsport. We require racing success in both national and international GT and rally sport as well as sound technical expertise from our top coaches in order to get the most out of them together with you.

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